Antique Stained Glass

Jaslo is the only glassworks in Poland and one of only three in Europe that produce antique stained glass, using traditional methods dating back to the early nineteenth century.

Despite the passing of time, the production method has hardly changed from the original one, with the inherent flaws which featured in the old stained glass windows being painstakingly replicated in today’s process.


• renovation of heritage architecture,
• stained-glass windows and doors in historical buildings,
• production of new and restoration of old stained glass windows,
• production of Tiffany style lamps,
• glass for the home – inspiring glass solutions for discerning customers.

Features of hand-made glass:

• the distinctive texture of glass – bubbled or dimpled linear structure
• the differing thickness of the glass ensures a variation in the light intensity of each sheet,
• a choice of one hundred and fifty colours on offer: red, green, blue, amber purple,  grey and shades of these colours,

Technical specification:

• water resistance – Class 4. ISO/719:1994
• size: min 40 x 60 cm, max 50 x 100 cm (and all intermediate dimensions between these two dimensions). The sizes 80 x 80 cm and 100 x 100cm are to special order only,
• thickness: 2.5 – 4 mm,

Example uses of JASLO's stained glass

Jaslo glass is used in the creation of stained glass features in ecclesiastical buildings in Poland and abroad.

Outside Poland, handmade stained glass is increasingly used in private houses, residences and hotels.

Jaslo Glassworks was commissioned to create special glass in a light green shade with a UV filter for the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

Clear stained glass was used for the glazing of the chapel at Jasna Gora.

Recently, stained glass in shades of violet was used to complete the glazing at St. Catherine’s Church in Gdansk.

Stained glass colour chart

There is a choice of one hundred and fifty colours.

The colours shown below are just examples of the ranges of colours available.

These are indicative colour images only, so please contact us and request an actual sample piece of glass in the colour you require.

Glass Rondels

Glass rondels are small panes of glass with an uneven surface featuring characteristic subtle concentric circles and a slight bump in the middle created by the pontil rod used to spin the molten glass.

Used for the glazing of windows, they were well known in the Middle Ages and have been popular in Poland since the 16th century.

We offer four sizes of glass rondels – 4cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm – in one hundred and fifty colours. They are made to order.