Our Glassworks

The Past

Jaslo Glassworks was founded in 1922 and for the next thirty years produced glass tableware such as bowls, vases and drinking glasses. In addition, the company also made various glass bottles and jars for packaging in the food and drink industry.
In 1954 production started on railway signalling lenses for PKP, the Polish state railway company. The Glassworks also started making protective glass lenses used in the production of safety helmets for welders.
At the beginning of the 1960s, the product range widened to include coloured signalling lenses for railway and road networks, as well as for seaports and airports. A major new product for the company was the introduction of headlamp lenses for the automotive industry.

Alongside the production of this technical glass, Jaslo Glassworks has also been making antique stained glass, using traditional methods dating back to the nineteenth century. Antique stained glass is available in a variety of shades and colours, and has been used on many prestigious projects, including the restoration of the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
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Jaslo Glassworks is founded production of glass tableware and glass packaging production shifts to technical glass for the automotive industry, the light and signalling sector, and protective glass for welders introduces production of antique stained glass using traditional methods dating back to the early 19th century the business becomes a limited liability company wholly owned by the KROSNO Group; production expands into the manufacturing of pressed glass tableware change of ownership 1922 1924-1954 1954 1970 1993 2015 założenie Huty Szkła w Jaśle produkcja szkła gospodarczego i opakowań szklanych zmiana profilu produkcji na szkło techniczne m.in. soczewki sygnalizacyjne, szkła reflektorowe dla przemysłu motoryzacyjnego czy szkło ochronne dla spawaczy rozpoczęcie produkcji antycznego szkła witrażowego metodą z początków XIX w. przekształcenie przedsiębiorstwa w Spółkę z o.o., w której 100% udziałów posiada Grupa Kapitałowa KROSNO; poszerzenie profilu produkcji o szkło gospodarcze prasowane zmiana właściciela Huty 1922 1924-1954 1954 1970 1993 2015

The Present

Jaslo Glassworks is the only glassworks in Poland which produces technical glass and it is in this factory that headlamps for older models of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen are created. Jaslo is also a key supplier to connoisseurs, restorers and owners of classic vehicles as a source of headlamps for their vintage cars, trams or trains.
Around the world the glassworks is known for its antique stained glass, produced and crafted using traditional methods dating back to the early nineteenth century. Jaslo offers a wide range of 150 colours available in a distinctive bubbled or hair-like structure. The differing thickness of the glass ensures a variation in the light intensity of each sheet.
Currently, alongside technical and stained glass, Jaslo also produces glass tableware for the home market.

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Quality Policy
of the Management Board of Glassworks in Jasło S.A. (joint-stock company)